The Fricom-eco frying computer

The Fricom-eco is:

  • Accurate Fuzzy-Logic temperature control
  • Energy savings thanks to efficient heat supply
  • Automatically resets to economy function when not in use
  • Consistent frying results, also when frying frozen products
  • Monitors core temperature of the products
  • Can also be applied to other heating and cooling appliances


Optimal temperature control

The Fricom-eco intelligent Fuzzy-Logic temperature control is extremely fast and highly accurate. The computer controls the residual heat of the heating elements and / or boiler wall, is turned off sooner and allows the temperature to rise to the set value.

The Fricom-eco heats up the oil or fat , thus considerably reducing the damaging effects of temperature drops. The temperature variation is approx. 1°C.

One significant financial advantage is that, on average, the frying pan uses 40 to 50% less fat or oil. The Fricom-eco gives a warning signal when the oil or fat needs replacing. When the frying pan is not in use, the Fricom-eco is automatically reset to the economy function (adjustable), thus considerably saving on energy consumption.


Products are judged on core temperature

The Fricom-eco guarantees fried products of a consistently high quality. The frying time of a product is programmed using one of the 8 product keys. For example, the frying time can be set to guarantee a core temperature of approx. 80°C. Once the set core temperature has been reached, an alarm will sound and a signal will flash to indicate that the product is ready.

Depending on the variation in temperature, the Fricom-eco will calculate the amount of products in the pan and automatically extend the frying time, ensuring that all products reach the set core temperature. Different products can be added to the same pan simultaneously. The core temperature is guaranteed even for frozen products. The Fricom-eco is extremely easy to operate.

The Fricom-eco horizontal version.



Advantages of the Fricom-eco

  • Can be connected to both gas and electric frying pans
  • Consistent product quality
  • Saves on fat/oil and energy
  • Highly efficient
  • Fully adjustable to the user's requirements
  • Low-cost system
  • High-quality components
  • Specially designed for surface-level assembly
  • Supporting HACCP


Features of the Fricom-eco

  • Touch-screen operation, also works under covering film
  • Programmable product groups
  • Also available in a vertical version
  • Fuzzy-Logic (self-learning)
  • Connector protecting hood
  • Reliable



Fricom-eco technical specifications

Dimentions ::
170,94 x 52,51 x 82,21mm (lhd)
Voltage ::
230 VAC ± 10 %
Frequency ::
50 Hz
Power consumption ::
1,5 VA
Relais output ::
1, potentialfree 12 - 230 V/ 2A
Ambient temperature ::
+ 5 to + 80°C
Temperature sensor ::
PT-1000 (2 wire)
Temperature range ::
- 20° to + 400°C


Not only for Frying !

In accordance with customer specifications, Sitex Electronics bv is also able to supply the Fricom-eco for use in cooling and / or food heating appliances including refrigeration / freezing systems, (pizza)ovens, pasta cookers etc. Please contact us for a range of options.

The Fricom-eco is also available in a vertical version.




Sitex Electronics b.v. Amsterdam, Holland, december 2002